Friday, April 3, 2015

Valerie Tifanka: cute teen with swim talent

If you want to swim invites Valerie Tifanka do in the daytime, because she does not really like the heat. The daylight could make her skin dark easily, and hard to make it light again. Well if you invite swim in an afternoon until night, surely she would.
"I often taught my friend, but they never could get better. So, its depending on which they want or not. If you don't, so you couldn't make it, 'said the girl who is good to swim freestyle and frog.

Well if you taught swim by Vale but not might as well, do not blame Vale. Maybe you wrote were not seriously studied her swimming.

"There are friends name Saskia, which until now could not swim. If you need could make swim, there many my friends to teach you, "said Vale who like to swim in around neighborhood.

You could say that Vale has a proficiency level expert testimony in the field of swimming. Because she ever won the first race at the elementary school swim time. Instead she make achievement she can swim well in 17 race time by getting 2nd champion.

Unfortunately there are a rival guy, so according to fair Vale because the guy greater strength.

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