Friday, April 3, 2015

Valerie Tifanka: cute teen with swim talent

If you want to swim invites Valerie Tifanka do in the daytime, because she does not really like the heat. The daylight could make her skin dark easily, and hard to make it light again. Well if you invite swim in an afternoon until night, surely she would.
"I often taught my friend, but they never could get better. So, its depending on which they want or not. If you don't, so you couldn't make it, 'said the girl who is good to swim freestyle and frog.

Well if you taught swim by Vale but not might as well, do not blame Vale. Maybe you wrote were not seriously studied her swimming.

"There are friends name Saskia, which until now could not swim. If you need could make swim, there many my friends to teach you, "said Vale who like to swim in around neighborhood.

You could say that Vale has a proficiency level expert testimony in the field of swimming. Because she ever won the first race at the elementary school swim time. Instead she make achievement she can swim well in 17 race time by getting 2nd champion.

Unfortunately there are a rival guy, so according to fair Vale because the guy greater strength.

Friday, March 27, 2015

The biggest concert of RAISA, the beautiful singer.

Today, the beautiful singer, Raisa, was busy preparing her first bigger solo concert.

"The concept has matured so we alaways stay-preparing, for stamina, cardio exercise, and take vitamins," She said when met at the Torino Osterio, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Friday (27/3 ).

Furthermore Raisa also tells why this is first solo concert. She did not rule out the possibility to go abroad to do the same in the future later.

"This time concert mark as 5 years of my career. Like I said, if in the International, just has 1 album you can go around the world, but here you must burdened by the number of the album. I want to get rid of it all. I need convey my work, from songs and albums. Who does not want to? If concerts in Jakarta success, I want to also make outside Jakarta," said the singer of the song Serba Salah.

Raisa felt a massive nervous ahead of the concert. She only hoped that if the tickets are sold going to sold out later.

"I wrote goosebumps thinking about it. Today VVIP and VIP already sold out, hopefully all be sold out. There are also fans who participated ticket sales," she continued again.

The Istora Stadium will be witnessing a phenomenal first concert Raisa. "It (Istara) capacity we want, What a parking lot is also good. It was one of my dreams could also concerts there," she concluded.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Danish magazine Not Fear to publish Kate Middleton's topless photo

Danish magazine Se og Hor will include topless photos of Kate Middleton in their latest edition. The magazine was not fear of being sued by the United Kingdom.

photo:Showbiz Spy
As reported by Showbiz Spy, Thursday (20/09/2012) Se og Hor reportedly has prepared a 16-page special that will feature photographs of William and Kate while on holiday in France. Some of the photos were of course her topless photos.

Editor Kim Henningsen admitted he was afraid that if it later prosecuted as the French magazine Closer. Closer threatened fines from the demands of the British Empire.

Fines to be paid is 10 thousand pounds, or approximately USD 150 million per day. The penalty applies if the magazine published a photo of her back.

"It's not the British empire who decides what gets loaded Se og Hor," said Kim Henningsen.

"If the British royal family will sue us, we'll be ready for it," he continued.

Natasha Rizki: Film First, College Later

Her young age, Natasha Rizki's career in the entertainment industry for the rest of the country is still corn. But Natasha Rizki has big ambitions to continue to exist in the midst of competition.

Girl who started their work from the selection of Cover Girl in 2008. On the sidelines sinetronnya a tight shooting schedule, the 19-year-old took time for an interview and photo shoot.

Recently completed filming the movie premiere 'Radio FM Galau' a few months ago, is now busy promoting the movie she co-starred with young star Dimas Anggara.

Total acting since 2009, now there are four titles soap opera she's stars plus some FTV. However, it is not acting passion that she has long wanted to develop. Why?

Awareness to pursue a career in entertainment did not appear when she won second place in the election four years ago of Cover Girl.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Nikita Mirzani Topless Photos Leaked?

The circulation of pornographic images in the virtual world, did not seem concerned with the atmosphere of Ramadan. Evidently some sexy photo actress Nikita Mirzani widely circulated in cyberspace in the midst of Ramadan fasting.

Some of the photographs show, the breast should be covered by Nikita, but only covered by her hair loose. The photos were allegedly shots of professional photographers. Nikita seems deliberately posing for the camera.

Understandably classified Nikita artists 'diligent' look sexy in the virtual world, though never known anyone spreading the pictures.

Besides topless photo above, there are several other photo shows Nikita was soaking in the bathtub. Until this news was revealed, Nikita has not been available for comment.

Nikita is known as an artist who often appear sexy. Acting couple of films, do not hesitate hesitate to wear skimpy and sexy. Unfortunate pictures were scattered in the atmosphere of Ramadan.