Monday, February 18, 2008

Agnes Monica : Multi talent girl artist

Always innovative and dynamic in music and gained abreast the achievement, was not wrong if placing Agnes Monica as the plank artist on the homeland. The multi-talent artist who headed his career as this small singer not only the champion processed the vowel, but the girl born in July 1 1986, this also the champion acted, was proven the DINI MARRIAGE film that was starred in by him with Sahrul Gunawan made his name increasingly bounced.

The decision for the lecture leave and more the focus in the world entertaiment indeed was not in vain, Agnes the success snatched the prestigious appreciation like 'Most Favorite Female MTV' 2006 and the "Artist Solo Wanita Terbaik" and the "Singer Rhythm & Blues Terbaik AMI Award" 2006.

As many as five appreciations were snatched by Agnes year round 2006, and made him be chosen as the 'Terpopuler Actress 2006'. Was not satisfied with the appreciation that was received by him, the star was full of this sensation, ambitious to Five Internasional. To support his ambition, Agnes tried to try acting in the film of THE HOSPITAL that was starred in by him with Jerry Yan, and sharpened the strength of his vowel by taking Keith Martin in the WHADDUP. The achievement and his responsibility to the field that was involved in by him made the side of LG Elektronik Indonesia and chose Agnes to become their product envoy for several years in the future.

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