Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Davina Veronica Profile

Sunlight illuminates the serious home Terraria waterfall located in the village, Mount Bunder, Bogor, West Java. Terraria house is a playground and care for pet dogs. In these places, Davina, 33 years old girl is often spent time with her three beloved dogs; Jowi, Mowgli, and Jena.

If you've gathered with the dog, she seemed to lose track of time. She invited the three dogs were playing in the courtyard, swimming and other things that spoil the third dog. "I'm lonely if they do not exist. When go to work, I always need to go home and just want to meet them," she said.

Davina did not stop kissing her dogs. For Davina four-legged mammals can give love to her. In the quiet time arrives, the three dog faithfully accompanied. It could even be a good listener when her heart was troubled. The dog is loyal to her master what it is, without seeing her master status, poor, rich, or ugly. Anyway, if you've been faithful thats mean faithful Davina said with enthusiasm.

Her beautiful face that afternoon sun slip by. Davina continued to play with her dog under a tree and a small pond.

Davina Veronica, a girl born in Jakarta on October 20, 1978, in addition to the dogs also loves other animals and the environment. She seemed to really enjoy her work to be ambassadors of WWF. Her skin was dark because of frequent trips to the beach for the campaign to save the environment.

Davina never stops still when the dog moves back and forth. She considers the three dogs as her own child.

Jowi, Mowgli and Jena have looked sleepy. The third dog hot weather makes it look limp. "Understandably at their regular home use air conditioning," She said.
Davina was also looked tired. Evening has come, ready to take home Davina - a name that has meaning: beloved.