Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Yu Wenxia Crowned for Miss World 2012

Yu Wenxia from China won the title of Miss World 2012 in Saturday's event, held in the Gobi desert, China.

The majority of Chinese nationals audience exclaimed happy to hear that the contestants who came from their country to win the crown in the main event.

"I feel very fortunate because many people who helped me, so I hope in the future I can help more children so that they too can feel lucky," said Yu, shortly after the event.

Miss World 2011, Ivian Sarcos from Venezuela handed her crown to Yu Wenxia in the Dongsheng stadium located in the city of Ordos.

There are 116 contestants who entered the contest - the highest number on record, Miss World - and the show was watched by an estimated one million spectators from around the world via television.

Ordos is located 700 kilometers from the nearest beach, you could say this place is a pretty unique location for events, Miss World.

Besides strutting wearing a swimsuit and evening gowns, the contestants also featured spectacular costumes, like dressing like a belly dancer.

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