Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Baby Margaretha: think wild in the office

Baby MargarethaBaby Margaretha, a beautiful woman with 'fantastic' curves, will bring our imagination fly with the activity of women who often dressed elegantly sexy in the office. Sensual lips plus the sharp eyes ... obviously that would make any man work together with her, going crazy.

Why do you think if work in an office is sometimes boring?
Because silent in the room all day from morning until evening definitely bored hehe ...

Just think of what clothes would you wear to make all man eyes turned to you in your office?
Wearing tight shirt with top button opened a little hehe ..

Do you agree with the appearance of several women who often looks sexy elegant when it comes to the office?
Agree .... Sexy elegant but do not seem cheap

So ... what your assessment of the 'subordinate' mini skirt with black tights? We think it's interesting!
Good ... Looks elegant and polite, did not show off legs directly but still sexy hehe

If there is the coolest guy in the office, what would you do to keep her interested?
every day is always sexy but elegant look that cool guy interested ...

Have you ever thought about doing that 'the wild' in the office? Making out for example? mmmhh ...
Making out in toilet or in the elevator hahaha ...

Back to the matter of appearance, how important the brand-leading brands to be part of your life?
Not so important because I rarely follow the "activity" socialite "in jakarta ..so not to need in style with brand stuff .. But for a special occasion, I had some brand items ...

Watch what you got, the most expensive of your collection?

Last question ... What is the collection of the 'dream' that you do not get up today? Why it so becomes your crave?
House... I need more houses...

Baby Margaretha Autobiografi
Name: Baby Margaretha
Height: 165
Weight: 50
Hobbies: culinary
Activities: photography & filming the soap opera
Favorite Music: depends on mood
Favorite book: -
Favorite Movies: Harry Potter
Events Favorite TV: -
Favorite food: salmon shasimi & meatballs
Favorite Travel Places: Bali
Favorite Hangout Place: not like to hangout! More like to sleep
My Words: go with the flow

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