Monday, December 27, 2010

Julia Perez Opponent Laser with Bra

JULIA Perez laser action fans want to reply Malaysia. Not use a laser, but Jupe want to make bra. Now you know.

Jupe apparently caused fans geregetan with Malaysia's cunning use of laser scatter concentration Markus Horison keep wicket.
An hour after watching the Garuda team got beat 0-3 at the stadium Evidence Jalil, Malaysia, Jupe direct his frustration spill over his twitter account @ juliaperez.

“Biarin aja dicurang pake laser... Nanty pas tanding di INA. Jupe pake bh doang biar pada buta tuh mata liat gunung kembar gue,” wrote Jupe.

Contacted by telephone, confirmed lover Gaston Castano these writings. He promised to watch directly AFF Cup final second leg Indonesia versus Malaysia's national team by using a special bra.

“Iya (pakai bra), biar pada buta semua pemain timnas Malaysia, nggak rela lihat timnas Malaysia mengalahkan Indonesia. Lihat saja nanti, Jupe nonton pakai BH doang biar pada buta matanya,” blacberry Jupe as reported by the Rakyat Merdeka (Group JPNN), Tuesday (28/12).

By defending Red, White, Jupe is not afraid to protest actions of many people. If necessary, Jupe want to reply use a laser that was stuck in her bra.

"The important thing is do not look hemisphere (chest), anyway I'll want to wear a special bra, if I have to wear her bra laser let the blind all the Malaysian national team players," lid ghost movie star Herb Hold it.

Jupe is a football school (SSB) is seriously addressing the act of Malaysian fans. He considered there must be a party that arranged for the Garuda team loses.

"It's not really our national team lost to puree. This is cunning and not legitimate, and I'm sure the laser is not really a game but those fans that’ve special tricks like this, and already paid, "he explained.

Hoping incident from recurring, he suggested the board PSSI reported this to the world governing body. "PSSI must complain," said Jupe.

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