Monday, October 11, 2010

suspect sexual abuse, Wilson Indonesian Idol Arrested

Simon Wilson Maiseka or familiarly called Wilson's "Idol" was arrested in North Jakarta Police station because the case involved sexual harassment. Indonesian Idol 2007 finalists were accused of forcing lewd act against a student initials AG (19).

Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit (Adj Reskrim) North Jakarta Police Commissioner Pol Susatyo Purnomo Condro said, the suspect threatened with Article 289 of the Criminal Code on penalty of 9 years.

"The suspect charged obscene article. Because his sentence over five years, the investigator is authorized to make arrests," said Purnomo told reporters in Mapolres Condro, Monday (11/10).

Furthermore Susatyo Purnomo said the chronology of Wilson's arrest suspect begins with a date against the AG. Beautiful student of a college that comply with a request that asked Wilson to hang out (hang) in the Kemang area, Sunday (10/10), at around 22:30 pm.

AG claimed to have just met with Wilson about three or four weeks ago. But these two different personality types that are directly familiar and met several times.

After the two met, Wilson and AG intend to use the car slid into Kemang. But, suddenly, Susatyo said Purnomo, Wilson canceled the show and directs the car to the Ancol area.

Entering Monday morning, Wilson took AG to Indonesia Executive Business Hotel in Jalan RE Martadinata, North Jakarta, around at 02.00. "They entered the hotel VIP room 111 and had ordered food," said Susatyo.

While in that room, Wilson tried to force the AG to perform obscene acts. AG claims that Wilson forced her to open the shirt and pants. Not only that, Wilson was trying to grope in the sensitive areas of the body AG.

AG refuses, but Wilson still force. AG finally ran out of room and reported this to hotel security officers. Security officers immediately contact the nearest police station.

Shortly thereafter, police went to the hotel and make arrests. At around 4:30 pm the suspect handed over to the police station 06:30 pm Pademangan and submitted his case to the North Jakarta Police to capture the minutes of the examination.

Susatyo said, the Wilson denied any sexual abuse. The reason, both Wilson and AG both liked. The suspect claimed to act in a hotel room done in a conscious state.

However, the victim feels Wilson's action was excessive. This makes the victim feel shock and embarrassment to his friends.

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