Friday, February 29, 2008

Georgeous Philipine Girls

Georgeous Philipine Girls Georgeous Philipine Girls Georgeous Philipine Girls Georgeous Philipine Girls f.jpg 2.jpg Georgeous Philipine Girls Georgeous Philipine Girls Georgeous Philipine Girls

Georgeous Philipine Girls, her name Hikaru ochoa, 17 years old. Girls models in model agency in which offer many cute philipine girls for fashion, or some event such as banking event, autoshow as sales promotion girls at those shows.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Anggia : ABG Gadis Cantik asal Bandung

mau vto . jd dandan bgini deh .. huhh . kya org tua gaa .?

.. jaman duluuu

Admin say : Loe CaNtEx BgT nOnE... kayak model beneran...

anggi . susi 'OB' . vanii

Biodata Anggia :

# Female, 16, Single
# Interested In: Friends, Activity Partners
# Location: Indonesia
# Hometown: bandung . panaaas .!
# Company: sevensoftball . oq modelling skuul . 1+ management artist
# Schools (Other):38 jhs . 7 shs
# Occupation:putih * abuu.ny brigez ( kta.ny sii )
# Hobbies and Interests: baca .makingfriends . seing sunset, moon n stars . ujan . sunshine after d'rain . ungu . putih . bonekababii . whitelily . icecream . duren .
# Favorite Books:love in prague . aphrodite . harry potter . ayat2 cinta .
# Favorite Movies: house of wax . conan d'movee . nite@d'museum . mr.bean's holiday . harry potter . d'davinci code .
# Favorite Music: easy listening .
# Favorite TV Shows:xtravaganza . mtv . hole in d'wall
# Zodiac Sign:Gemini
# About Me:i luv to be alone but not being lonely ..
# Who I Want to Meet:i just wanna know all of u . .who loves making friends like ME 'n YOU,any one of u..

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Jangan Genit Depan Kamera

Jangan Genit Depan Kamera

Jangan Genit Depan Kamera

Jangan Genit Depan Kamera

Jangan Genit Depan Kamera

Jangan Genit Depan Kamera

Jangan Genit Depan Kamera

Jangan Genit Depan Kamera

# Female, 17, Single
# Interested In: Friends
# Location: Indonesia
# Hometown: joGjakaRta beRhati nYamanz.....
# Company: ON-OFF Companiez...
#Schools :SD.MarsuDiriNi......SMP.SteLLa Duce 1....n skRg skuL in SMA.SteLLa Duce 1....
#Affiliations: ON-OFF Communitiez........Hobbies and Interests:
modelling, dance, basket, shopping
#Favorite Music:R&B lhooo, ......
#Zodiac Sign:Cancer

#About Me:



Who I Want to Meet:

- witH lupHLy fRiend -

- wiTh my ZizTh... -

Ratna Galih : Lovely Indonesian actress

Ratna Galih or normally was called by the name of Galih was a Indonesian star of the newcomer's acting. Her act very famous when starring in the film of Gita Cinta Dari SMA that was remake the youth film in the 1970 's.
The Jakarta birth woman, this March 17 1988 currently is recorded as the student of the international relations route of a private tertiary institution in Jakarta.
However because of his activity, Ratna droup out because of could not complete the thesis in accordance with time that was given.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kinaryosih : The Best Actress of Female Servant

kinaryosih sexy Kinaryosih was born in Jakarta, on March 3 1979. Se was the national actress who starred in several films and the film. Her name jumped after starring in the PERKAWINAN SEDARAH film the production of Multivision Plus. She was called by Kinar began entered to the world of entertainment through the model stage. From here afterwards herself gained the first champion the Femina face 1997, that afterwards took herself to the world of the film. Just in 2001, Kinar began to be acting in the world of the film. The film that star in by her among them, INDAHNYA CINTA, ROMANTIKA, AKU CINTA KAMU, PERKAWINAN SEDARAH, WULAN and TV Serial JOMBLO.

Kinar received the opportunity to support the wide screen film directed by the director Lola Amaria, BETINA. Then the ALEXANDRIA Film and finally, MENDADAK DANGDUT directed by Rudi Sudjarwo. Through this film herself afterwards got piala citra 2006 categories of the best actrees of the female servant.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Agnes Monica : Multi talent girl artist

Always innovative and dynamic in music and gained abreast the achievement, was not wrong if placing Agnes Monica as the plank artist on the homeland. The multi-talent artist who headed his career as this small singer not only the champion processed the vowel, but the girl born in July 1 1986, this also the champion acted, was proven the DINI MARRIAGE film that was starred in by him with Sahrul Gunawan made his name increasingly bounced.

The decision for the lecture leave and more the focus in the world entertaiment indeed was not in vain, Agnes the success snatched the prestigious appreciation like 'Most Favorite Female MTV' 2006 and the "Artist Solo Wanita Terbaik" and the "Singer Rhythm & Blues Terbaik AMI Award" 2006.

As many as five appreciations were snatched by Agnes year round 2006, and made him be chosen as the 'Terpopuler Actress 2006'. Was not satisfied with the appreciation that was received by him, the star was full of this sensation, ambitious to Five Internasional. To support his ambition, Agnes tried to try acting in the film of THE HOSPITAL that was starred in by him with Jerry Yan, and sharpened the strength of his vowel by taking Keith Martin in the WHADDUP. The achievement and his responsibility to the field that was involved in by him made the side of LG Elektronik Indonesia and chose Agnes to become their product envoy for several years in the future.

The Surest Way to Win A Games

Years ago, I went through a period of time when I played poker regularly at a local cardroom. While there, I became aware of one particular guy who played at the same cardroom. They called him Jack. Jack was the only player who always seemed to win. Some days, I would grind out a small profit, but Jack would really rake it in.

That does not describe the average poker player. Ninety-nine percent of people who play are always thinking about themselves. They are pondering their cards, their money, their position in the hand. They are thinking about their choices and their dilemmas. They have a thousand contemplations, and every one concerns themselves. How should I play these cards? What are my pot odds? Am I playing well? Am I likely to win at this table? What kind of cards am I getting? How did I lose that last hand? How can I play better? How is my money holding up? Should I cash out? Should I set a limit? How do I appear to the other players? These are the thoughts that fill the mind of the average poker player. It's all me, me, me.

The average player thinks about things from his own perspective. He will base his decisions on the strength of his hand, his pot odds, his supply of poker chips, how much he has won or lost and the advice he read in that poker book last night. Again, it's all me, me, me.

Rahma Azhari : model star and film actress Azhari or complete him Rahma Syahidah Azhari, was born on September 17 1981, was known as the model star and the film actress. He was one of the eight relatives of the 'family selebritis' Azhari, that uptil now was known was full of the sensation and the controversy. In his history the section's woman had contained the embryo who at that time was not known by his father, because at that time Rahma was indeed known by the public did not yet marry. His change then finally had gone in the place of the 'exile', that far from the range infortaiment. The emergence came back the mother from Oceans Camilla this, was followed afterwards his marriage with a businessman Alfay Rauf on June 10 2003.

Nevertheless their marriage at the end of the problem, since the father Rauf, Nurman Diah menggungkapkan that the child who was born by Rahma at that time, not from the marriage with his child.

In the middle of the condition for his family, Rahma relations and Rauf increasingly trouble after being involved in the case of the dispute in Blowfish, Menara Jamsostek, on Sunday (4/11) struck 02,30 dawns. Rahma admitted to being overwhelmed by seven friends of his husband. As a result Rahma must be treated in the hospital.

Dewi Persik : Breast Felt until Bras Dropdown incident

Insiden Ini terjadi saat Dewi Persik Membawakan lagu

Insiden buah dada (payudara) dewi persik diraba oleh fansnya alias lelaki nakal

Dewi Persik had the name of Dewi Murya Agung, was born in Jember, East Java on December 18 1985. He was a singer dangdut that jumped through unsteady the saw, that is the fluctuation that similar to the movement the saw that advanced-retreated.
The name of Persik (in english:peach) was personally given by his manager, who hoped his career shone like the peach, that is from China that it was considered the luck bearer.

Apart from indeed the daughter of the couple H.Mochammad Aidil and Hj.Sri Muna same had the descendants's Chinese blood from his grandmother. Dewi's song including being entitled the Pentas Star, apart from also starred in the MANIS DREAM film, that sountrack him was enough to be known by the community.

The goddess personally was the wife of the singer dangdut Saiful Jamil, that married him on June 26 2005. Just a year married, Saiful sued Dewi in August 2006 for divorce. However after several times the session, both of them chose to refer.
That not yet a year ended 'failed to separate', Saiful and Dewi again were apart the house, and Saiful then sent the divorce lawsuit. This time the problem was then still same like their first 'divorce', about Dewi's clothes that too much were open.
After through several times the meeting, the Religious Court Jakarta Utara said both of them official was separated on January 14 2008.

Breast (Payudara) of Dewi Persik was felt (diraba), Dewi Persik was Angry

The incident breasts felt of Dewi Persik often attracted attention.
Could be mentioned this was the hottest incident in the beginning of 2008 and for the first time an artist was touched by his lover in front of the public.
Whoever was wrong?

Definitely many arguments disagreed with each other.Free from who true or wrong, the actress Rianti Cartwright saw the incident that struck Dewi Persik, explained a sexual insulting.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tamara Bleszynski Biography

Tamara Bleszynski Biography - Indonesian Sexy Celebrities
Tamara Bleszynski Binti Zbigniew Bleszyński or Tamara Natalia Christina Mayawati Bleszyński, famous by the name of Tamara Bleszynski (was born on December 25 1974 in Bandung) was the actress and the Indonesian model.Be born from the bloody Polish father and the bloody Sundanese mother.the artist has become Tamara's dream since childhood.During studied in Australia after the JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL, he took the drama extracurricular.With her friend Cindy Claudia Harahap , he has the foundation of strong acting.Tammy began to be involved in the world of role art since the secondary school in Australia. After SMU, he returned to Indonesia.

His marriage with Teuku Rafly Pasya bin Teuku Syahrul in 1997 gave birth to a child named Rassya Islamay Passya (was born on February 4 1999).This marriage ran aground with the divorce. On January 3 2007, the Supreme Court granted his divorce lawsuit in the level of the supreme court appeal was based on the Decision of No 349/K/AG/2006 that determined the right of the child's care was on the hands his former husband, Rafly. He was relieved on the divorce that was chaired by Andi Syamsu Alam with the member's judge Drs H Hamdan and Dr Rifyal Ka'bah.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Neina Adelya Zubeir : Lady of Bandung City

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"suzah siiiy Jd oran9 bAek pLus CantiK kya gW..adda ja y9 SiRik apa y9 kau kata apa y9 dya kata ku tak pernah ambil pusing.. dan ku hanya bsa b'kata ........EMANG GW FIKIRIN........"
Neina Adelya Zubeir Identity:
# Sex : Female of course
# Location: Antapani, Jawa Barat, ID
# Hometown: jakarta raya...bekashe..Now bandung city

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Namanya Gadis : Friendster Girls

Namanya Gadis : Friendster Girls

# Female, 18, Married
# Interested In: Friends
# Location: Indonesia
# Hometown: balikpapanLah, coEz i loph BaLikPaPaN........
# Company: Lg DiRintiiis...

  • Schools (Other): sma 5..
  • Hobbies and Interests: " QuW Ska bgt jLn... QuW sKa bgt DanCe..... QuW ska NnToN.....
  • Favorite Movies: realita cinta rock n roll
  • Favorite Music: I LoVe GreEnday
  • Favorite TV Shows: ceriWis........yooo.....wisss.........
  • Zodiac Sign: Leo
  • Who I Want to Meet:

Quw Cyank kLian Cmw pLen...
qUw cYNk Ma sMW mNtNq....
qUw cYANK OrtuQ...

qUw cYAnk kLian Cmw...
thankz....SLLu ada bWT QuW...

Sunday, February 10, 2008

ShiNta : FindiNg TruE LoVE

ShiNta : FindiNg TruE LoVE

ShiNta : FindiNg TruE LoVE

ShiNta : FindiNg TruE LoVE

muncul dMna yUa ???????

ShiNta : FindiNg TruE LoVE

kEmaNa atWh

ShiNta : FindiNg TruE LoVE

vda,Via ma Ta

Data diri Shinta:
Cewek cantik asal Bandung umur 20 tahun dan masih jomblo kuliah di MANAJEMEN UNISBA,
  • Manja,
  • Centil,
  • Donyan foto dMana aja,
  • Nyalon mUlu,
  • benerBeneriN rAmbUt,
  • dAnDaN,
  • Males kUliah heheheeee...
  • Ngemil tengah malem,
  • bete gilla kalo lg ga punya dWuit.
  • bEngong mikirin orang yang ga penting,
  • nelfhoneNin cowok_cowok gokil, bIar ketewa mulu.
  • kOngkOw ma ceWeK" cEntil,
  • callubIng (masih musim gitwuh hehehe)
  • puter" bandung.
  • ....... in STADIUM uptZzz,
  • buka" Fs orang..
  • pilih_pilih cowok.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Bunga Citra Lestari Going Marriage

Bunga Citra Lestari Going Marriage

Bunga Citra Lestari Going Marriage

Jakarta, Love moment of Bunga Citra Lestari (BCL) and his sweetheart Ashraff Sinclair apparently has headed to the marriage. Everything of the two families has met each other, on Wednesday (6/2/2008) then in the Bunga's house.

Then Bunga Citra Lestari and Ashraff spread out dinner. They not only both of them but asked as well as his family was their respective. After eating dinner that too, BCL signalled will follow his relations by Ashraff to the marriage.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Top News: Wulan Guritno Kiss Fathir Muchtar - Urusan adegan ciuman dalam film adalah hal lumrah. Seperti adegan Wulan Guritno dan Fathir Muchtar dalam film LOVE, yang sempat sampai empat kali take dalam berbagai gaya. Tapi baru kali ini Wulan memberi nilai pada sebuah ciuman.

"Ciuman Fathir lumayan," ujar Wulan enteng, di Citos, Rabu (6/2). Memang, adegan semacam itu menjadi bagian kebutuhan cerita film itu sendiri. Selain ciuman Fathir yang lumayan, film ini juga menguak kembali kepahitan masa lalu Wulan.

Kehancuran rumah tangganya seperti terpampang kembali secara jelas. Tapi satu pelajaran yang diambil Wulan dalam film tersebut, yakni tentang pentingnya arti cinta.

Bintang pop Madonna : A Night to Benefit Raising Malawi and UNICEF

Bintang pop Madonna menjadi tuan rumah hajatan yang bertaburkan pesohor, Rabu tanggal 6 Februari, di halaman rumput Kantor PBB untuk membantu anak yatim Malawi, Dana Anak-anak PBB (UNICEF) dan meresmikan sebuah toko baru milik Gucci. Para bintang film seperti Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Demi Moore, bahkan Jennifer Lopez yang tengah hamil tua turut hadir dalam acara santap malam tersebut.

As announced on the site last month, Madonna and Gucci have joined their forces to host a special event called 'A Night To Benefit Raising Malawi and UNICEF', which will take place in New York tonight, February 6th.

Co-chaired by Gucci's Creative Director, Frida Giannini, this event will benefit Raising Malawi and UNICEF, and will consist of dinner followed by a guest speaker, musical performance and an after party. This special evening will be dedicated to raising funds and awareness for orphans and children made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Madonna will be joined on the red carpet by some of her close friends and celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, Trudie Styler and Sting, Salma Hayek and Francois-Henri Pinault.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Cinta Laura Kagumi Ahmad Dhani

Pesinetron muda berdarah Jerman, Cinta Laura, diam-diam mengagumi pentolan grup Dewa 19, Ahmad Dhani. Ia menilai Ahmad Dhani is very cool.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Profil Nadine Chandrawinata

Nama Nadine mulai mencuat di publik sejak ia terpilih ‎menjadi Putri Indonesia 2005. Meski awalnya Nadine tidak ‎diunggulkan dalam kancah pemilihan tersebut, namun justru ‎cewek cantik blasteran Jawa-Jerman inilah yang memenangkan ‎ajang bergengsi tersebut. Sayangnya, ia tidak menorehkan ‎prestasi ketika berlaga di ajang pemilihan Miss Universe ‎‎2006 di Amerika Serikat lalu. Mungkin kita masih ingat saat ‎lidah Nadine keseleo mengucap ‘Indonesia is a beautiful ‎city.’‎

Sulung dari tiga bersaudara ini tidak menolak ketika ‎mendapat tawaran untuk bermain dalam film Realita, Cinta, ‎Rock and Roll. Ketika banyak yang protes melihat Nadine ‎merokok dalam film tersebut, Nadine menjawab bijak, ‘Yang ‎merokok dalam film itu bukan Nadine, tapi Sarah, karakter ‎yang Nadine bawakan dalam film itu. ‎

Saat ini, kakak si kembar Marcel dan Mischa Chandrawinata ‎ini menjalani kembali aktivitasnya, sebagai mahasiswi ‎komunikasi di sebuah sekolah tinggi swasta di Jakarta. Ia ‎memang sengaja menunda kuliahnya satu tahun karena padatnya ‎kegiatan yang harus ia ikuti sebagai Putri Indonesia.‎

Profil Dian Sastro

Dian Sastro, begitu orang lebih akrab mengenal pemilik nama ‎lengkap Diandra Paramitha Sastrowardoyo ini. Wajah cantik ‎Dian, begitu ia disapa, mengantarkannya menjadi pemenang ‎pertama sebuah ajang pemilihan yang diadakan oleh sebuah ‎majalah remaja tahun 1996. Sejak itu, wanita yang ingin ‎menjadi sutradara ini mulai menekuni dunia modeling.‎

Tahun 1999, putri tunggal alm. Ariawan Rusdianto ‎Sastrowardoyo dan Diah Parwati Setyorini ini, didaulat ‎kelompok band ‘Sheila On 7’ untuk menjadi model video klip ‎mereka. Namun, ini bukanlah kali pertama Dian menjadi model ‎video klip, karena sebelumnya, ia sempat juga menjadi model ‎video klip ‘The Fly’ serta ‘Kla Project’. Di tahun yang ‎sama, penyuka sop buntut ini mendapat tawaran untuk bermain ‎dalam film indie berjudul ‘Bintang Jatuh’. ‎

Tak dinyana, pengalaman pertamanya berakting ini, justru ‎membuat Dian jatuh cinta terhadap dunia tersebut. Ia pun ‎tak ragu memilih menggeluti profesi baru sebagai seorang ‎pemain film. Dian tak salah langkah. Aktingnya kerap menuai ‎pujian. Maka tak heran, jika berbagai penghargaan pun ‎berhasil diraih oleh alumnus SMU Tarakanita I inim, ‎diantaranya Piala Citra 2004 sebagai Pemeran Utama Wanita ‎Terbaik dan Aktris Terbaik dalam Festival Film Asia di ‎Perancis. ‎

Walau penyuka olahraga renang ini sempat mengungkapkan ‎keengganannya untuk bermain sinetron. Namun, akhirnya ia ‎berubah pikiran saat membaca skenario ‘Dunia Tanpa Koma’. ‎Di tahun yang sama, stasiun televisi swasta menggandeng ‎penyuka warna pink, biru, putih dan hitam ini untuk ‎membawakan acara kuis mereka. Namun, tampaknya tahun 2006 ‎bukanlah tahun keberuntungan untuk pemakai parfum Bvlgary ‎Black ini. Pasalnya, baik sinetron maupun kuis yang ‎dipandunya tidak terlalu mendapat respon yang bagus dari ‎masyarakat.

Angel Karamoy Nikah

Resepsi pernikahan Angel Karamoy dan Steven Rumangkang baru berlangsung tadi malam. Angel yakin Steven akan menjadi teman hidupnya hingga mati.

"Kita senang banget dengan pernikahan ini. Dari awal pacaran, saya yakin Steven bisa mendampingi hingga mati," ungkap Angel, pada konferensi pers pernikahannya, di Assembly Hall Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta Selatan, Sabtu (26/1/2008).

Angel yang tengah mengandung empat bulan mengakui, dalam menyiapkan pesta resepsi tersebut, memang melelahkan.

"Saya baru muncul sekarang karena banyak persiapan. Kita terjun secara langsung mempersiapkan pernikahan. Malam ini adalah puncak segalanya. Saya dan Steven sudah memprogramkan acara ini jauh-jauh hari. Meski melelahkan, semua tertutup dengan rasa senang dan bahagia," bebernya.

Angel dan Steven mengaku telah melangsungkan pemberkatan menikah pada April 2007. Ketika itu, acara berlangsung tak semeriah pesta ini. Baca cerita selanjutnya di situs

Kinaryosih Dipaksa Kawin - Tak beda dengan peran di film terbarunya, CLAUDIA/JASMINE, di kehidupan nyata pun, Kinaryosih mengalami tekanan untuk disuruh buru-buru nikah. Hanya bedanya, kalau di kehidupan asli, Kinar masih bisa mengelak bila ibunya sudah tanya soal itu.

"Jawab aja, kalau belum waktunya, gimana lagi?" ujarnya enteng, di Izzy Pizza Pancoran, Kamis (31/1), saat peluncuran novel CLAUDIA/JASMINE, karya Maggie Tiojakin. Baca aja selanjutanya di

Ussy Sulistiawaty dan Dimas Seto terlibat cekcok melaporkan bahwa Ussy Sulistiawaty dan Dimas Seto terlibat cekcok cukup serius di tengah-tengah konser 'My Chemical Romance', Kamis (31/1) malam. Peristiwa ini cukup mengejutkan dan luput dari pengamatan para wartawan yang sibuk memperhatikan jalannya konser. Tak begitu jelas apa yang menjadi penyebab cekcok. Tapi kalau dirunut sedikit ke belakang, sepertinya ada kaitannya dengan gosip hubungan antara Ussy dengan putra promotor musik kondang Adrie Subono. Cemburukah Dimas?