Monday, February 18, 2008

The Surest Way to Win A Games

Years ago, I went through a period of time when I played poker regularly at a local cardroom. While there, I became aware of one particular guy who played at the same cardroom. They called him Jack. Jack was the only player who always seemed to win. Some days, I would grind out a small profit, but Jack would really rake it in.

That does not describe the average poker player. Ninety-nine percent of people who play are always thinking about themselves. They are pondering their cards, their money, their position in the hand. They are thinking about their choices and their dilemmas. They have a thousand contemplations, and every one concerns themselves. How should I play these cards? What are my pot odds? Am I playing well? Am I likely to win at this table? What kind of cards am I getting? How did I lose that last hand? How can I play better? How is my money holding up? Should I cash out? Should I set a limit? How do I appear to the other players? These are the thoughts that fill the mind of the average poker player. It's all me, me, me.

The average player thinks about things from his own perspective. He will base his decisions on the strength of his hand, his pot odds, his supply of poker chips, how much he has won or lost and the advice he read in that poker book last night. Again, it's all me, me, me.

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