Saturday, March 15, 2008

Asmirandah : Sexy Indo Girl Choose Friends than Went Out

Asmirandah artis Gadis ABG indo cantik seksi Sexy Indo Girl Choose Friends than Went Out

Than went out she was better to choose the career. That is talked by Asmirandah, film actress in responding to her nearness gossip with Andika Pratama. There were no special relations between Asmirandah and Andika Pratama.
Except the friendship and normally relationship like other Asmirandah friends.

"If meeting with him, thats only normal feeling, because I did not feel I went out with him" he said light in the Peninsula hotel, on Friday night (14/3). But the main actress in AZIZAH film did not reject that Andika noose as the pleasant guy had a taste for the humour. "For this purpose he unlike that was other, he could be asked to joke", she said.

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